Lighting Equipment

There has been a steady stream of advancements occurring in motion picture lighting. Many new types of LEDs have emerged that now allow instant color adjustment and wireless operation. Traditional HMIs have also developed new designs making them more efficient and brighter.

Power & Light is keeping pace by stocking the best emerging lighting tools including:

  • ARRI Skypanel
  • Kino Flo Select LED
  • Kino Flo Celeb LED
  • LiteGear LiteMat
  • LiteGear LiteRibbon
  • ETC Source Four LED Leko
  • Litepanels Astra LED
  • SumoLight LEDs
  • RatPac Wireless DMX
  • Aadyntech Jab LED PAR
  • Aadyntech Punch LED PAR
  • Quasar L-ion LED Tubes

Along with these new tools, Power & Light still provides classic lights such as:

  • K5600 Koker 800 HMI
  • K5600 Joker 400 HMI
  • ARRi Tungsten
  • Mole Richardson Tungsten
  • ETC Source Four Tungsten
  • Kino Flo Diva, 4x4, Parabeam and 8-Tube Flathead

Multiple Light Parts

Choose any combination of lights and we╩╝ll load them onto one of our grip trucks and meet you on location.

Contact us today to secure the grip and lighting equipment you need for your next video production. We are based in San Leandro near the Oakland Airport and serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area.