Grip Truck Equipment

Power & Light has the right size grip truck to fit your shoot.


2-Ton Truck

Our 2-Ton is perfect for shoots anywhere in the city. It fits a conventional parking spot yet itʼs packed with all the latest grip and electric gear you may need. Same length as a Sprinter but it holds a lot more gear!

2-Ton Equipment Package


4-Ton Truck

The Power & Light 4-Ton has more room for additional carts, stands, soft goods, dollies and other specialty gear that may be needed for your production. The 4-Ton features 5 equipment carts and a wall of milk crate shelving stocked with great grip gear solutions.

4-Ton Equipment Package

1-Ton Van & Pickup

Back of 1-Ton Van

Our pick-up and van are the answer for shoots that require a small footprint. Choose a precise equipment package tailored for your shoot. And with the vanʼs lift gate, you can keep your gear on carts as you move between locations